Felix and Jasper

At Rainbow Bridge - Felix
May 25, 1991 - September 2, 2005

Today, I am writing with a heavy heart to say that my special kitty, Felix, was sent to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 years & almost 4 months. Felix was diagnosed with Lymphoma back on May 14, 2005, and was put on Prednisone (a steroid) which gave us more time with him than I could ever hope for. Felix was a Maine Coon mix that I got from the Red Deer SPCA 12 years & almost 4 months ago. He was a cat who thought he was a dog and he helped raise three litters of puppies as well as my own dogs throughout his life. He was a very affectionate cat who would drool when content and was game to play with the dogs when he felt like dealing with their crazy antics :-) Felix was my heart cat and I know there will never be another like him so I can only hope that one day I will find a kitty who has many of the wonderful qualities that he had. For now, one of my current Boxers, Bindy, will remind me of him daily as he taught her how to clean like he did. He would clean her eyes, face, ears and she now does the same to any dog that she knows and meets :-) Goodbye my sweet boy Felix, I miss you terribly but I know you are free from the cancer that was taking over your body. Until we meet again, you will be in my heart, in my memories and a little of you has been imprinted in Bindy Sue which will always make me smile :-) Tell Nick, Kahlua, Allie, Jasper and Woody that I miss them all very much and that they are in my heart, as you are, always. Love Mom, Bindy and Brady.

I adopted Felix, a domestic medium hair (who could be part Maine Coon), brown tabby, neutered male from the SPCA in Red Deer, AB., on May 25, 1993, at two years of age. Not knowing his exact birthdate as well, I assigned one for him, May 25, 1991. When I brought Felix home, he did not want anything to do with the only Boxer in the house, Nick. A couple of months later, after going on and returning from a vacation, I immediately noticed a change in Felix.....he went over to the blanket where Nick was sleeping and laid beside him for a nap together! From that day on, Felix has become a "mother" to all of the adult Boxers (noticed how I said "adult") by joining them in naps and licking their faces, ears or whatever he feels like cleaning. Felix is the official "puppy trainer" on how to behave around cats, but it usually takes quite a while before the puppies are trained to his satisfaction! Felix is a 14 year old cat, who thinks he is a dog, and I feel fortunate to have found such a gem! Below are some photos of Felix.....the one on the left is a candid shot of him when he was 3 or 4 years of age and the one on the right was taken at Christmas (1999) with a present he really enjoys (like Jasper).....a honeysuckle bean bag.

At Rainbow Bridge - Jasper
September 6, 1988 - May 23, 2004

Today, I had to let another special boy and best friend go to Rainbow Bridge at 15 1/2 years of age. Jasper, I miss you so much already and my heart is breaking as I wish we had a few more years together. You are now young again, running free with your feline buddy, Woody and your canine buddy, Nick (you wouldn't show it much but I did catch you a few times enjoying Nick's company). Know that you will live on in my heart and in cherished memories we have made together through the years. Until we meet again, your spirit lives on through all of us here. Love Mom, Kahlua, Allie, Bindy and your best bud forever, Felix.

I adopted Jasper, a domestic short hair, silver tabby, neutered male from the SPCA in Victoria, B.C., on January 6, 1989, at four months of age. Not knowing his exact birthdate, I assigned one for him, September 6, 1988. Jasper, at 15 1/2 years of age has survived a long distance move, a couple of moves within the city of Red Deer and the invasion of dogs into his household. He is your typical cat.....does not care for the dogs at all and avoids them as much as possible! On occassion he has to tell them off, but generally he co-exists with the "enemy" quite well (VBG). Jasper will always have a special place in my heart as he has the honor (or should I say I have the honor) of being the first cat I have owned other than the cats my parents had when I was a child. Below are a couple of picture of him .....one at what he does best on the left and one just taken at Christmas (1999), with a present he really enjoys.....a honeysuckle bean bag.

At Rainbow Bridge - Woody
October 6, 1989 - March 3, 1993

Woody was a domestic medium hair, brown tabby, neutered male that I adopted privately when he was six weeks old. Woody had quite a personality.....known as "psycho cat", he liked to fetch plastic bottle caps or a small, stuffed bird toy that he liked. Woody also survived the long distance move with Jasper and like Jasper, Woody was your typical cat in not being too fond of dogs. I still miss him today, but I have such fond memories of him that I know he is enjoying himself at the Bridge. See you there my darling Woody, see you there. Love Mom and Nick.

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