May 17, 1998 - December 12, 2008

Can. Ch. Berlane's Corporate Image
Multi BIS & BISS Am. Ch. Rochil's Grande Marshall LOM
Am. Ch. Har-vel's Gold Express
Int. Ch. Marburl's Joshua LOM
Har-vel's Sweet-N-Sassy
Am. Ch. Rochil's Kallista Of Marburl
Int. Ch. Marburl's Joshua LOM
Am. Ch. Marburl's Nugget
Can. Ch. Rayshar's Summer Magic CD TT
Am. Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper Of Turo LOM
Int. Ch. Mephisto's Vendetta LOM
Am. Ch. Turo's Whisper Of Five T's
Can. Ch. Rayshar's Frosted Velvet
Am/Can. Ch. Verwood's Thief In The Night
Can. Ch. Verwood's Sun Mist CD
Malimi's New Debut For CynTech CD, ASCA CD
Am/Can. Ch. Ajay's Alfred Sung
Can. Ch. Turo's Kristian Dior LOM
Am. Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper Of Turo LOM
Turo's Snapshot
Can. Ch. Ajay's Tammy Faye B LOM
Am. Ch. Berena's Gemini Splashdown LOM
Can. Ch. Zephyr's Time Is Money
Can. Ch. Malimi's Sugar Plum
Golden Haze Taylor Made
Am. Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper Of Turo LOM
Ch. Golden Haze Stole The Ring
Can. Ch. Malimi's Jokers Wild CD TT FD
Can. Ch. Malimi's Licorice Allsort
Can. Ch. Malimi's Kissed By Magic CD

Sire Of Merit - Has Produced 7 Champions Or More
Dam Of Merit - Has Produced 4 Champions Or More
Legion Of Merit - A SOM Who Has Produced 4 Or More SOM/DOM
& A DOM Who Has Produced 3 Or More SOM/DOM